About Matthew

Matthew Moore – Producing Music for TV, Films and Advertising

My passion for music started from a very young age, with an introduction to a guitar and a reel to reel tape recorder one Christmas that I could not be separated from.  This was followed by my first piano lesson from my brother and that was the start of my journey to Matthew Moore Music.

When other kids were playing outside, I was using two tape machines, piano, guitar and drums to make my own rudimentary recordings which my family had to listen to or else!

I’m now an experienced media composer and musician, working mainly from my own recording studio in the West of England.

My credits include:

  • Indian Ocean with Simon Reeve (BBC),
  • Freeview “Laughter” Advert
  • Around the World in 80 trades (Channel 4)
  • 30 Minutes or Less (Jesse Eisenberg)
  • So you think you can dance
  • Come Dine with Me
  • Cartoon Network
  • HBO
  • NBC
  • and many Moore!!

As a musician, my main instruments of choice are my beautiful Kawai piano, my various guitars and on occasion I’ve been known to pick up the Mandolin, Ukulele and Melodica, although not all at the same time!  My arms aren’t that long 🙂

Depending on what’s being asked of me, I could be playing a range of styles from classical, funk, jazz, EDM and hip hop.

My Listen page gives you the opportunity to sample my work, if you like what you hear, visit my Get Music page for Moore.

Desolation and Destruction // Trailer Demos
  1. Desolation and Destruction // Trailer Demos
  2. Darkened Streets // Trailer Demos