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10 November 2015
Tesco Gluten Free Advert Emergency

I name that tune in…..

I have a little game for you….

Continuing on with our “name” themed posts, I was very excited recently to be told that one of my tunes would be used in an advert for Tesco this Christmas. Awesome! Excerpt erm…it’s a little…erm ….hard to hear.

Your mission (should you wish to accept it) is to discover which tune of mine is being used. You will need a good pair of gluten free ears and possibly some headphones!

(tip: The music features elsewhere on my site….)

Removing my tongue from my cheek, a huge thanks goes out to the peeps at EMI for getting my music out there. I get paid whether it can be heard or not so….. Bottle of port on it’s way to you…….

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  1. Well – I had to look this up after you mentioned it…I see what you mean. There IS music in there somewhere? Rather embittering for a struggling composer. Beethoven wouldn’t have stood for it.

    But I very much like the samples I HAVE heard…

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