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12 December 2016
Picture of Alan Sugar with the Apprentice in text next to it.

My story, their story and a fairy story – Finale

This time last year we had   “I name that tune”   and this year’s winner is:

The Apprentice.

In the most recent episode (series 12, episode 10: “Gin”) we have a team who are creating unusual flavoured gins with a story behind them.  Helping  the team decide colours at one point in the show, is my track “Oddball” from the Scoring House album “One Liners”.  Here’s the track:


If you are quick and head over to iplayer you can watch the episode.

Can you find the tune?  It’s definitely in there somewhere! 🙂

Think of the money, that’s what I say. It’ll help me buy gin for Christmas……

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