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04 April 2017
Two cartoon people with big pencils writing the words Happy Folky Sunshine

Happy Folky Sunshine – new album

Another album release folks!  This time co-composed with the talented Mike Holt.

I’d been thinking about doing a ukulele ska album for years and had written a couple of tracks but never took it any further. After the encouragement of Martin Webb at Beds and Beats, I decided to dust the tracks off, write a few more and ask Mike to help me complete the album with five tracks of his own.

I’m really pleased with the way it has turned out and look forward to hearing it used in an advert soon!

Click here to listen to the album at the Beds and Beats website.

Thanks to Mike for his wonderful music and support and to Martin and Dave at Beds and Beats / BMG for putting it out on their lable! Also thanks to Ben Tompsett for a bit of Bari sax!


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