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29 July 2022
woman driving a convertible sports car in 1960s style imagery

New Album : 60’s Capers

Hi Folks!

(Summary: If you want great, quirky fun 60s music for your TV, film, games etc, click here)

New album release from me: 60’s Capers! – a joint project with my dear friend Clive Lukover.

Here’s some snippets:

60’s Movie star

The Nom Nom Song (featuring the fantastic Ian Cook on vocals)

Ah Twang Baby

Ticky Tacky Toe

The Glamour Lounge

Kitsch Kiss Bang Bang

To listen to Clive’s tracks, click here

This is my first release on Bibliotheque / Box. Look out for more to come!

They have this to say about the album:

“A kitsch, psychedelic and groovy collection of upbeat 1960’s inspired tracks. Positive and lively orchestral instrumentation, featuring hammond organs, fender rhodes, flutes and bags of percussion. Ideal for any retro music needs.”

If you’d like to use any of these tracks in your TV, film, game etc please get in touch with Bibliotheque here or if you are in the UK you can email direct to or by clicking here .

To take a general look / listen to my portfolio, go here

If there’s any other music you require have a look at my “Get Music” page here

If you just wan’t to find out more about me and my work click here

Stay safe everyone and stay tuned for more releases 🙂


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