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07 May 2019
Picture of red Kia Rio

Kia we are again

So after a brief hiatus, we’re back!

Unfortunately a very kind soul decided to hack my site and redirect unsuspecting readers to a variety of other sites, all offering somewhat different services than this one – largely involving limited clothing.

Fortunately I found a kick-ass wordpress guy who was able to untangle the mess and get the site back to normal and did various updates and things at the same time. To him I am very, very grateful!

So what’s been going on? Well, I discovered that one of my tracks “A Swing and a Hop” was used for a Kia advert on Spanish TV. Here it is:

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that the advert is dated 2017. I know I know. Once again I find myself:

It seems that this is often the way for composers. Thank heavens for royalty statements 😉

Anyway. It paid for Christmas and a holiday…and my bar bill. Marvelous. Thanks so much to No Sheet Music for continually promoting my music.

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