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03 December 2019

Naughty or nice? It Disney matter…..

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So pleased to hear a track from my latest album used for a Disney Channel Christmas promo. The track is called “Drum ‘n’ Dub Ding Dong” from the album Christmas Beats.

Here’s the promo:

You can hear the rest of the album here or here

I’m particularly proud of this album. It’s a series of Christmas carols / popular tunes that I re-arranged, each one with a focus on a certain style of beats. I spent a lot of time honing it and studying the various styles I was emulating. For those that had to hear “I’m sorry I can’t come out – I’m working on my Christmas album” for summer months on end, my apologies but it was definitely worth it 🙂

I’d like to thank my publisher Score Production Music for their initial reaction of “F*ck me, that’s fantastic”.

I was also really pleased to see that APM music chose this album as one of their “editor’s picks” when it was released.

I hope you enjoy listening to it and have a wonderful Christmas time!

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