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07 November 2019
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Twist and Fight Some More


Just a little update. DJ Tech Tools have released a firmware update for their Midi Fighter Twister. One of the upsides is that for windows 7 users, the device is now recognised at startup which saves having to unplug/replug after each boot.

There’s also these further improvements (note that the “mouse” features are Mac OS only):

Velocity Sensitivity is new sensitivity type and it works similar to how mouse wheels operate. Turning the knob slowly will adjust the value in smaller steps and vice versa. You want to set this sensitivity type when working with Mouse Emulation Scroll MIDI Type.

Switch Velocity Control works with absolute message and allows you to turn a knob to select the specific value and push switch to send the Note with the value of the encoder.

Mouse Emulation (Scroll) is also built into Midifighter Utility and it emulates your mouse wheel.

Mouse Emulation (Drag) is built into Midifighter Utility so in order to use it the Utility need to stay open. This feature sends left mouse click on the initial value followed by the mouse drag emulation. Finally last value sent from rotary disables the left click.

You can update by using the MF utility.

I’d recommend following the instructions here:

Definitely make sure you back up your settings before you do the update 🙂

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