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28 October 2015
Two Judges

What’s in a Name?

“The problem is m’lud, there is more than one Matthew Moore!”

I’ve been called many things in the past.  Some of them definitely not printable. However, my first name is often shortened to either “Matt” or “Mat”.

Taking the former, I have become aware that I am not the only “Matt Moore” who makes his living making music. It may be then, that you have arrived at my website looking for another musician with my name (well I suppose it’s also his name.)

In order to help, if you’re looking for Matt Moore, the rather good Christian singer-songwriter, head on over to Matt Moore Music

If you are looking for Matthew Moore, the songwriter of “the Moon Albums”, this would be the place to visit

As I discover more people who share this wonderful name and career, I’ll add them.

It may be that you have come here to find Matthew Moore, the UK based composer. In which case, you have landed in the right place.  Case dismissed!



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