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18 October 2019
Kadin Promo Picture

Is anyone there?

A few years ago I was very lucky to work on a project with a fantastic composer, Ian Livingstone. I’d had this idea for an album called “Bed of Dreams” rattling around in my head but hadn’t really done much with it . I got together with Ian and we decided that rather than use our traditional methods of composing for picture and falling back on our favourite cliches, we would start with a blank canvas and just experiment to see what happened. It’s rare in our business that we have time to do such things …

We got our heads inside pianos, we mucked about with Space Echos, ethnic instruments, throwing pencils at Ukuleles and who can forget the sight of a composer wearing marigolds and whizzing a bullroarer over his head….

One of the tracks that came out of such ingenuity / madness was “No One There”; so titled because neither of us could decide where the first beat was….

I was pleased to see that it had recently been used in a TV series called “Kadin”:

(Thanks to Ian for spotting this)

I’m particularly proud of this album and this track. It felt like one of the most creative periods of my writing career. Of course I’m sure there will equal if not greater periods in the future!

Unfortunately I can’t provide a direct link to the full album but if you want to have a listen to the other tracks, go the EMI site and search for “JM127” (without the quotes)

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