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17 February 2020

Balls to Europe

What? WHAT????? Wait!!!! Before you either: a) send Michel Barnier and the boys round to do me over or b) send Nigel Farage round to buy me a pint (yes please – gasping for one)... Read More
07 November 2019

Twist and Fight Some More

Just a little update. DJ Tech Tools have released a firmware update for their Midi Fighter Twister. One of the upsides is that for windows 7 users, the device is now recognised at startup which... Read More
31 October 2019

Happy Halloween!

So here’s my track for today: It’s called “I Was Born to Haunt You” and was written under my alter ego; “Howlin’ Snake Slayer” and published by KPM / Sony (thanks James!). It’s been used... Read More
Desolation and Destruction // Trailer Demos
  1. Desolation and Destruction // Trailer Demos
  2. Darkened Streets // Trailer Demos