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22 December 2017

Wilko. Over and out.

So a post to round off the year. I was really pleased to hear my arrangement of “Joy to the World” used for the Wilko 2017 Christmas Radio Advert:  “What makes your Christmas?” Here it... Read More
16 August 2017

X-Keys review

So I’m a big fan of keyboard shortcuts and macros and like many, when it comes to using Cubase, I can’t imagine working without them. I originally started using the PC keyboard and mapping shortcuts... Read More
19 July 2017

Twist and Fight

c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, baby now……ahem….. I’d spent quite some time looking for a good controller to use with cubase. My criteria was: Something with good solid pots and or faders.Small footprintA device that would receive feedback from... Read More
Desolation and Destruction // Trailer Demos
  1. Desolation and Destruction // Trailer Demos
  2. Darkened Streets // Trailer Demos